Big Dreams, Ripped Jeans

A self-taught, 9+ year experienced, 23-year-old music producer born and raised in West LA; Garrett Lodge aims to cultivate a talent-driven, envelope-pushing, edge-cutting record label and lifestyle movement.

Inspiration Chronicled

Garrett listened to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic for the first time on a road trip from Los Angeles to Ojai. The level of originality, rawness, funkiness and hard-hitting production the record exudes inspired the 13-year-old Garrett. He played his mom the album repeatedly for the duration of the drive- thus, his newfound life objective was spawned: to create dope music.

An Autodidactic Tactic

With no prior musical compositions under his belt, Garrett turned to YouTube for music production tutorials. DJ Lucky Date, an artist who posts online production lessons, taught his techniques on Propellerhead’s DAW, Reason. Since 2007, Garrett has been producing his tracks exclusively using Reason.


At 20-years-old, Garrett established a recording and lifestyle corporation, The Lodge LLC.